Success Stories


Our students are our greatest accomplishments. You can view videos and student testimonials below.

Senior, Rachel Maurer expresses how SRI allowed her to research and ask questions about things she cares about, things that affect her life. Overall, SRI impacted her in a great way as it helped her decide what she wants to do in her future and was inspired to go above and beyond.


Senior, Rini Kaneria explains how she pursued research with Dictyostelium cells, taking advantage of Polybia-MP1’s targeting ability. She further studied Polybia-MP1 attachment to breast cancer cells. Cancer cells display PS lipids on their exterior. MP1 attaches to the PS lipid. Kaneria concluded that MP1 successfully targeted starving Dicty cells supporting its use as a model organism for PS lipid studies. Kaneria continued her research with breast cancer cells and concluded that MP1 was able to selectively target cancer tissue and leave normal healthy breast tissue alone.


Senior, Gabby Torchia was inspired by her real life experience to create a more effective ACL reconstruction process. Earlier, Torchia dissected fruit fly legs and cultured the cells with bioactive glass. The goal was to study cell proliferation in the presence of bioactive glass (BG). She found that the BG was not toxic to the cells supporting the use of BG in cell culture. Two years later, Torchia 3D printed and cultured Dicty cells in BG embedded alginate/collagen matrix and will be expanding to include fibroblasts. Torchia hopes that her ongoing research will answer her question: Will bioactive glass embedded matrix aid in the proliferation of fibroblasts and improve ACL reconstruction?


An SRI student created a human anatomy study app in Virtual Reality. He was designing a human knee!

A Reading School District SRI student experimented with hologram materials during one of our summer programs, creating this projection of another SRI student. Amazing work integrating technology and materials science!


Our students bioprinted an ear with our 3D printer!



SRI students have seen much success in science fairs and industry presentations at the local, regional, state, national and international levels. Click here to download a PDF covering the highlights of those student achievements.

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